The sweat from my tears 

When I walk I sweat with tears falling from my eyes. Trying to fight the pain thats in my joints. How can I  think I’m feeling great when my body don’t think it. It’s a battle😐 I am going to keep going with my 40 days plan. Of peace 🛀 #disability #relationship #love #peace #mind #SPIRITUAL ☺

Men are getting Ugly

The hurt that he gets from her just not being there when his heart is hurting. I feel alone he says Your here but your not. The moment I touch you , she turns her back. So he turns to his book to read and still no answer. He wants to go for a walk but instead she goes for a walk with her friends. He’s getting ugly and noone is notice the change of his face. She lost love for him and his appearance to her was great in the beginning. But another man got  her attention now she don’t pay the UGLY no attention. “Secret of Cheating”

Ugly of men

  • The attitude that I see in some men are  ugly. The abuse women get from men is ugly. Verbal abuse is use often and people tend to not take it serious. The negative conversation with someone can make your day feel awful. A man can make you think your not good enough. Your mind start believing it true that your days will always revolve around him. So you make sure you style your hair the way he likes it. Get his approval on the clothes you wear. So what about what you think and how you feel? How you living your live for someone else when GOD MADE YOU. 

The tears

How can I get help when the system keeps turning me away from Medicaid 4x thats alot. You would think I  work all them years and no help in return. Well I will keep trying. This world is weird sometimes I think it’s design to be this way. #thought #pain #motivation